Balrich Logistics offers unique value added services and capabilities that have positioned us ahead from the others. We enforce an innovative work culture where there is always an ongoing effort to make every operation system and facility work better for the customers, be it by implementing the latest technology invention or by initiating better infrastructure and system on your logistics challenges.

IT Management Security management
Location & Scale-abality Facility Specification


IT Management

We put high focus on implementing sophisticated technology on our warehouse system to achieve maximum security and high efficiency. Our in house Information Technology System is as follows:

  • Window based Warehouse Management System (WMS) suited to the needs and characteristics of our customers
  • Integrated recording of data and Information
  • Wireless electronic data communication and recording for all transactions using PDT that serves as a bridge between WMS applications and data server, thus eliminating the use of forms or lists (paperless)
  • Real time checking and counting cargo system using PDT that enhances efficiency and accuracy
  • Real time inventory visibility
  • Automated on line document printing system from WMS to preserve the speed and accuracy of information in the receiving and delivering documents
  • Regular reporting system in the format that caters to customers needs and requirements via electronic media
  • Ability to prepare an open system, which can facilitate electronic data exchange between customers and our system to enhance speed and efficiency in data processing

 You can find out more about the specifications of our IT Management System on the Data & Facts chapter.


Security management

Security is one of our highest operational priorities. We enforce strict security regulations with serious penalty{mosimage} for those who violate them.

Our current security practices are as follows:



  • One entry/exit accessRequired identification for all employees and visitors access
  • Required identification for all employees and visitors access
  • Limited facility access only to vehicles with valid documents
  • Limited warehouse access only to authorized employees and accompanied visitors
  • 24-hour regular security patrol in facility compound
  • Security checks on every vehicle and person (body checks) exiting facility compound
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring (Optional, depending on customer's request)


Location & Scale-ability  

Our location is one of the most strategic locations for logistics management being close to Tanjung Priok Port and other industrial estates. We have also various accesses to Jakarta's main roads and to the Trans Java highway.

Curently our compound occupies 70.000 m2 of lands and we have over 300.000 m2 of available lands to expand our warehouse facilities.






Facility Specification

  • Warehouse : We engineered our warehouse design to specific business needs that will create optimal efficiency and security
  • Equipments : We have invested in a large fleet of modern equipment to handle even the most complex loading and unloading activities
  • Manpower : Our personnel are equipped with standard health and safety equipments such as helmets and safety shoes. Safety goggles and breathing masks are also ready in case of emergency. All of the personnel are trained to exercise high security and safety practices, and they are all facilitated with standard health and life insurance
  • Pest Control : Our compound is safely protected by a pest control outsource company


Operational Working Hours

Day Time
Monday - Friday 08.00 - 16.00
Saturday 08.00 - 13.00
Sunday or Holiday Available On Request